Alumni Portraits

Name: Ayokunle Samuel Adenigba
Intake: 2019
Position: Data Analytics Engineer
Company: ib vogt GmbH

What I always wanted to say is:
"I am glad I reconsidered my application to GPE after I deferred my admission for two years. Thank you, professor Seliger for running with the vision, and the GPE team for all the immense support."

Name: Yu-Chi Chang
Intake: 2019
Position: Project Officer Energy Data
Company: Agora Energiewende (Smart Energy for Europe Platform (SEFEP) gGmbH)

My advice to present and prospective students is:
"If you wish to major in production engineering or energy engineering, and also enjoy pairing your studies with a young and dynamic environment, then this will be the best program and city for you!"

Name: Liliana Patricia Corredor Barrera
Intake: 2018
Position: Project Developer Manager
Company: Steag Solar Energy Solutions

The best part of GPE is:
"Multiculturalism and the RENAC classes!"

Name: Juan Camilo Lopez Perez
Intake: 2017
Position: Plant Manager
Company: Omya AG

After my graduation:
"GPE helped me to get the skills and vision I was missing to have a jump in my professional career. This international master's was an important milestone to get the Plant Manager position in a multinational company and work abroad."

Name: Keyvan Hassankhani
Intake: 2015
Position: Program Buyer
Company: Magna International

My current responsibilites are:
"Creation of the supply chain of e-Drive sub-components and conventional transfer cases for the global automotive industry."

Name: Miguel Angel De la Garza Bravo
Intake: 2013
Position: Project Manager Electric Powertrains
Company: Audi AG

My advice to present and prospective students is:
"Do not stop working on improving yourself, you will always be amazed at how fast you can top what you defined as your limit."

Name: Unni Suresh
Intake: 2006
Position: Project Leader R&D
Company: Siemens AG

I was convinced to join the GPE program because:
"The course content, flexibility, and exposure to various disciplines in the GPE program. Besides the excellent teaching faculties and experienced teachers, it has a benefit to graduate from a world-renowned university like the TU Berlin. In addition, I received a full-time scholarship from Siemens Germany for my master's studies."

Name: Jinfeng GU
Intake: 2005
Position: Quality Engineer
Company: ALPS Electric Europe 

If I had to summarize my GPE study time in one sentence:
"It opened the door to the world for me!"

Name: Göker Sürmeli
Intake: 2005
Position: Project Manager in Windenergy
Company: ÖKOTEC Windenergie GmbH 

The best part of GPE is:
"The best part of GPE is that it prepares you for the business world with a wide range of possibilities of lectures and gives you the flexibility to decide your future."

Name: Cao Zhen
Intake: 2004
Position: Management Trainee
Company: Bosch Rexroth

I enjoyed my time in Berlin because:
"of the special intercultural variety that Berlin offers. It is a fantastic city to live in, especially as a student."

Photo: GPE Summer Party 2022 | Professor Seliger (left), GPE Alumni Ali Salih Hassan Salih (middle), Professor Kohl (right).
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