Göker Sürmeli

Position: Project Manager in Windenergy
Company: ÖKOTEC Windenergie GmbH 

My current responsibilites are
"Project planning of repowering and greenfield wind energy projects which include micrositing under consideration of legal framework, environmental resrictions and technical requirements in GIS, yield, sound and shadow analyses in WindPro, potential analyes, communication with experts and authorities."

After my graduation
"I was convided to work in the renewable energy field and I have been working at Enova and Okötec for onshore wind energy projects in Germany since my graduation."

I was convinced to join the GPE program because
"I was convided that it was going to allow me to start working in Germany not only with its widespread lectures in many fields but also with its contacts in the business field."
The best part of GPE is
"The best part of GPE is that it prepares you for the business world with a wide range of possibilities of lectures and gives you the flexibility to decide your future."

What I liked most about Berlin is
"That it is a very dynamic and international city. If GPE was going to be a city, it would be Berlin. So it is a perfect combination."

My advice to present and prospective students is
"To have a wide vision and to be open to the world and its opportunities. We are mostly closer to our targets than we think, we should just be capable of seeing the right direction when the time comes."

If I had to summarize my GPE study time in one sentence
"The person that has graduated from GPE was different than the person that started studying at GPE in a positive meaning and it has nothing to do with the content of the information during the lectures but more with the values that GPE added to my character."

What I always wanted to say is
"Don't be afraid of making mistakes there are too many mistakes to be made in life, so just don't insist on doing the same ones!"