Unni Suresh

Position: Project Leader R&D
Company: Siemens AG

At the moment I am working at
"Siemens AG in Berlin as a project leader in the research & development department (medium voltage division)."

After my graduation
"I started my GPE studies in 2006 and completed an internship at Siemens in 2007. Since 2008 I work as a regular employee for Siemens. Presently, I have an unlimited work contract with Siemens and a permanent residence VISA."

The next steps in my future career might be
"I'm very much satisfied with my tasks and responsibilities at Siemens. Maybe, in future I will extend my supports from Berlin to guide R&D projects for Siemens Mumbai, India."

I was convinced to join the GPE program because
"The course content, flexibility, and exposure to various disciplines in the GPE program. Besides the excellent teaching faculties and experienced teachers, it has a benefit to graduate from a world-renowned university like the TU Berlin. In addition, I received a full-time scholarship from Siemens Germany for my master's studies."

The best part of GPE is
"Opening gates to me and offering me a variety of international career opportunities."

What I liked most about Berlin is
"The multicultural attitude in Berlin and the sheer number of events and happenings every day. You can experience new things every day!"

My advice to present and prospective students is
"Don't wait for opportunities but seek them."

If I had to summarize my GPE study time in one sentence
"Most cherishing moments I had in my life!"