Master Program

The GPE program promotes technical competencies in production engineering disciplines, global value creation, development of manufacturing processes and tools, factory planning, production control, logistics, global supply chain management, sustainability, and sustainable manufacturing, modeling, and simulation, quality control, technology management, economic evaluation, and global management. The degree program offers a comprehensive qualification in booming renewable energy technologies, such as photovoltaics, wind energy, and hydropower. Relevant aspects from the production of renewable energy components, up to management, financing, law, and marketing aspects are addressed.

Global Production Engineering is a highly practical study program
GPE gains its excellence from a strong science cluster in Berlin as well as co-operations with leading companies in the industry. The highly practical component of the study program enables students to make contact with company representatives so that they can identify new developments in the industry and match their curriculum with the required qualifications. 
You can decide to wether you want to study Global Production Engineering on-site in Berlin, Germany or location-independent online: 
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