Overview of labour and social security law for international students

From the first semester on, many students have to work alongside their studies. With the first job, questions about employment law also arise: What exactly is a mini-job? Am I entitled to vacation? What do I do if I don’t get paid? A lawyer for labor law summarizes typical problems and questions of labor and social security law that arise again and again in student employment.


  • Part I
    Work permit – citizens of EU and non-EU member states
  • Part II
    Employment relationship and self-employment
  • Part III
    Tax liability and social security in the employment relationship
    Working student privilege
    Marginal employment and short-term employment (“mini-jobs”)
  • Part IV
    The employment contract
    The statutory minimum wage
    Trial work
    Employment as a scientific or artistic assistant (“HiWi jobs”)
    Covid 19 Special – Working in a home office?
  • Part V
    Termination of employment
    Maternity protection
    What to do in case of termination?
    Certificate of employment / proof of work

Language: English

Direction: Frank Gust

The workshop will be conducted digitally using Cisco Webex. Shortly before the date, you will receive an email with the access data.

Registration: Registration takes place online. The registration period starts 3 weeks before the workshop date. More information is available here.